In case these questions popped up in your head even once, we thought we’d answer them right away before they got frequent.

Depends. As a Dell Campassador, you get to earn the name of being a campus ambassador for Dell. Of course, there’s lots more.

It’s a simple 3-part process of filling in your details, clearing an aptitude test and sending a video submission. Follow the steps and you might just be the next Dell Campassador!

A detailed description can be found here Campassador

Nope, it’s totally free!

You will need to merely fill in your details and upload your project on to the platform. The submission process will begin soon! So, do stay tuned.

Sooner than you can say ‘Dell Futurist!’ Just kidding. The submission process for the first passion project begins in October, 2018.

Nope, this one’s free too.

Be prepared for this list, people! It’s going to be amazing! A grand reveal will soon take place.