The Dell Campassadors Program The Dell Campassadors Program

A Dell Campassador? Who’s that?

The forward-thinkers, ambition chasers and natural leaders.

A Dell Campassador is none like any other: an individual handed a responsibility by Dell to be one of the exclusive campus ambassadors for their college! You’ll be the face of your college to create, host and lead Dell Futurist events apart from participating in all the other awe-inspiring activities. Oh, and let’s not forget the exclusive Dell merchandise that you’ll be able to rock in front of everyone, and we mean EVERYONE.

Excited yet? There’s more!

The Perks of being a Dell Campassador

Represent Dell on Campus!

Represent Dell on campus!

Rewards like none other!

Rewards like none other!

Attend exclusive Dell events!

Attend exclusive Dell events!

Work on special Dell projects!

A chance to win Dell rewards.

You may not believe it, but there are more perks to being a Dell Campassador.

By being a campus leader, you stand a chance to get invited to a special Dell conference where you’ll get to meet and network with the greatest leaders from Dell. Share the passion that drives you to be the best at what you do as well as gain wisdom from the spearheads of the industry.

But now you may wonder how can you catch a sneak peek inside Dell? Don’t worry, we heard you telepathically! Here’s the icing on the cake. With great power comes great exclusivity. You will also stand a big chance to get an exclusive, never-seen-before look into the Dell factory! A view at the inner workings of one of the best computer technology companies there is and experience the latest and greatest in technology.

Being the best possible Dell Campassador, you get to work on a Dell project that can result in you winning a Dell laptop, receiving a personalized trophy and experiencing much more!

So, do you have the fire in you to become a Dell Campassador?