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It all begins with your passion It all begins with your passion

A Thing Called Passion.

You know it’s passion when there’s a strong and uncontrollable emotion that you cannot choose to ignore. It could be for art, music, cinema or even technology. Everybody is passionate about something and honestly, you know you can’t deny it.

It’s time you bring alive your burning passion. Here at Dell Futurist, we give your passion a platform so that the world knows what you have in store for them to witness.

Didn’t that just give you butterflies in your gut? Well, that’s the beauty of passion!

Magic of Motion Picture

Magic of Motion Picture

Filmmaking is the process of story-telling that involves direction or production to make a film that is intended for cinema, television or even the web these days. The beauty of filmmaking is that it has the power to transport you into a completely different world, to let you discover new stories and get you thinking about the tale you just saw unfold even after you’re done watching.

Which is why you need to bring out your film making craft and put them to work right here on India’s coolest and biggest youth platform Dell Futurist where all you film making dreams will come true.

One major news we would want to mention is that we have on board the maker of films like Chandni Bar, Page3, Fashion and Heroine and winner of a Padma Shri award, Madhur Bhandarkar as an Expert on Dell Futurist where you stand a chance to know his style of film making, work, tips and tricks with all you budding film-makers!

Flavour for the Ears

Flavour for the Ears

When you ask someone, what is music to them, there’s always going to be a pause before they could answer the question. Because music is like breathing. It exists and lives among us and across the universe. It’s ineffable to explain why it is so essential to everyone. Music is life and has the power to lift the spirits of people in any situation.

For someone who has the passion to create music has the power to move the entire world to their tunes.

Dell Futurist, India’s coolest youth platform is where you put this passion for music to work and get on a legendary journey. There’s also another bonus, you also stand a chance to be mentored by one of India’s musical geniuses, Monica Dogra.

So, without any further ado, assemble all your instruments, clear up your voice, make that track and get on Dell Futurist today!

Submit your work in music here today!

What could happen if you submit your entry at Dell Futurist?

Your passion is the key to creativity that will take you places. And Dell Futurist is the door that will lead you to infinite greatness! But you really want to know why you need to submit your passion project on Dell Futurist? All the answers lie right here.

You can become a Dell Futurist celebrity!
Once you submit your passion project, you stand a chance to be recognised for your work on the Dell Futurist platform. One winner will become a Dell Futurist celebrity!

And the Experts? Hold on, we’re telling!
You will actually stand a chance to get mentored in music by our very own Expert, Monica Dogra (That’s right!) who will help you perfect your craft. How amazing does that sound?

You can own a super cool Dell laptop!
You will also stand a chance to own a Dell laptop that will help you chase your passion for music powered by its built-in high-performance superior technology. And then there’s no stopping you from chasing your dreams

Need we say more? Thought so. Now go ahead and submit your entry to get on the path of glory.

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